Argentina will bid 220 new DTT channels

Argentine President Cristina Fernández announced that a bid for 220 DTT channels will be opened. "The 50% of such channels will be assigned to the private sector and the remaining 50% to non-profit entities". There are 19 Digital TV stations in place in the country and, according to the chief of state, the intention is to closet the year with at least 600 active towers.

No further details regarding the bid have been disclosed. Proposals for 110 no-profit channels in and some addition proposals for 110 commercial channels will be received. Despite the bid, all provinces (and the city of Buenos Aires) and 42 universities of the country will be assigned channels directly.

"In the eight territory extension country, there are only 29 free-to-air TV channels", Fernández de Kirchner stated. And she added: "Competition improves services and profitability".

In turn, during the same event, the President inaugurated, together with Jujuy and Entre Ríos governors, two new DTT towers in those provinces. At present, there are about 17 Digital TV channels available.