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Thread: SPAZE TEAM Quantum Edition 1.0 BETA

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    SPAZE TEAM Quantum Edition 1.0 BETA

    SPAZE TEAM Quantum Edition 1.0 BETA

    I want to present from azboxhdpuntoes this new project we have initiated a number of people using the system Enigma2.

    We have been breeding for several months the baby and I want to present the first BETA of this project which we hope will be well received and to allow all those people who are initiated into the world of Enigma2 his adaptation is as painless as possible.

    This image is not developed on any already published, has been compiled from zero puts the RTi GIT Team available around the world to create our images Enigma2. If it is true that we have replaced some things and used drivers that we believe best fit our image of different versions of RTi.

    What then are we detail a number of things we have built and programmed especially for our image, but of course some things are beyond us in the Changelog since it has been a lot of work done.

    We hope this image can be referenced in the Spanish landscape, especially since our image is dedicated to this community which is where we believe there is a lack of support, care, etc ...


    - Download mhw2 integrated EPG image would suffice to put a couple of minutes on a canal that contains the full EPG for it.
    - Added information of retransmissions in the EPG mhw2
    - Ability to copy the EPG channels mhw2 about others using a configuration file equivalents.
    - Added a plugin to configure the equivalence of EPG, schedule the download of EPG mhw2 daily and make an immediate download (the plugin takes care of changing the appropriate channel, wait the necessary time and return to previous channel).
    - Patch simpleload that displays the epg nothing but load it from the crossepg without restarting
    - New skin BlackModern_azboxHDv3
    - Improved display for the accents and
    - New spaz menu (similar to OPENSAT) accessible by pressing the Home Menu
    - Similar to OPENSAT keymap
    - Plugin AzExplorer (file browser)
    - Plugin AzHelp Guide (explanation of the keys on the remote, apart from bringing a section of frequently asked questions)
    - Plugin InfoAz (Displays all of our AZBOX info)
    - Plugin Multiquickbutton
    - Plugin Networkbrowser with Spanish translation
    - Plugin Crossepg with Spanish translation
    - Translated into Spanish Cooltvguide Plugin
    - Plugin Mytube translated into Spanish.
    - Autoclock that solves the problems of time on the VFD when in Standby
    - Panel DescargasSPZ (Updates, Plugins, Channel List, Skins, etc ...)
    - Drivers hybrids (RC12 and 1.0)
    - Drivers experimental WiFi rt2870, RT3070.

    Video demonstration of what can be found in this firm.

    We realize that in this first BETA bugs have apart from containing the RTi firm as it is the firm basis of the GIT compiled, so those errors generated by the RTi to us will be difficult to repair especially if drivers are subject and the like.

    We will be fixing the bugs that we detected and adding FIX's in the update system that we have included in the firm, so stay tuned. We will use this system as long as we believe that there is no need to make a new version, such as a huge improvement to come into the system in the next revision of the firm.

    Download Spaze imagen

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    Re: SPAZE TEAM Quantum Edition 1.0 BETA

    thank you it worked prfectly i repeat, perfectly for clone from china ,the best of the best i rated it 100 % .other image get stuck with the hard drive even if u change epg part to media usb, this image does nt need any tweak works straight without any problem thank you spaze team

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