Home to Latin America’s premium programming, SES World Skies (SWS), a division of SES has announced a new capacity deal with ESPN Brazil to deliver HD sports content from around the world to homes across the region.

As part of the strategic agreement, ESPN Brazil is utilizing 18 MHz of C-band capacity on the NSS-806 craft belonging to the global SES division that operates a fleet of 28 satellites. SWS will distribute one HD and one SD sports channels to cable television transmission stations throughout Latin America.

ESPN Brazil now delivers three key channels into Latin America over a combined 27 MHz of capacity on NSS-806. ESPN Brazil's programming will seamlessly move to the SES-6 satellite, which is scheduled for launch in 2013.

"Our latest agreement with SWS represents a strategic, long-term commitment aimed at consolidating ESPN Brazil's programming distribution platform with the best satellite operator and spacecraft in the industry,", declared Victor Hannoun, Operations and Engineering Director for ESPN Brazil.

"SWS's expertise, reach and reliability is enabling ESPN Brazil to serve virtually every cable household in Latin America...ESPN Brazil’s expanding presence and strategic consolidation aboard NSS-806 reinforces the important role our video neighbourhood is playing throughout Latin America," added Dolores Martos, Vice President of Sales in Latin America and the Caribbean for SES World Skies.

The SES-6 satellite, scheduled for launch in 2013, will replace the NSS-806 spacecraft at the core orbital location at 319.5° East and provide a significant capacity expansion. The expanded Ku-band payload of SES-6 will offer substantially enhanced coverage and capacity in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.