Spain's main media group Prisa signed an agreement with Cisco to develop the company's new decoders for its satellite digital TV platform Digital+.

PrisaTV is looking for an immediate and deep digital transformation looking ahead 2015 to reach 20% of its total incomes from this business. Nevertheless according to the company's CEO, Juan Luis Cebrián, these forecasts can be shortened due to the speed at which this sector is moving.

The executive assured some of the actions already taken to move forward on this path are related to the contacts PrisaTV has made with some multinationals of this sector. Such is the case of Cisco. On the other hand the company reached another agreement with Nagravision to extend the pay-TV operations through the internet networks. It also reached another agreement with IBM and Autonomy to create a multimedia platform allowing the content crossing, advertising and clients of all of the group's operations.

Juan Luis Cebrián also highlighted the role of Telefónica as a technological partner of Prisa to develop the group's activities not only in Spain but also in Latin America.