This tool allows to you know the status of clients and servers that you have in your cccam receiver.

* You can create as many connections as you want (server from beach, mountain, ...).
* You can check what clients are connected and what channel has been requested to your server, ...
* You know the active servers, the number of hop1, hop2, hop3, different lines N you have, ...

The program, the first time you connect, it link clients whose servers have the same name, facilitating the management of client-servers.
We can add data such as Nick, forum in which you meet the client, email, MSN, ... so you can contact him at any time.
ccCamDroid is written in English and Spanish, including a help guide in both languages​​.

Download with your smartphone from ""

MPORTANT: You must be active in your cccam.cfg the option to allow query the data from internet, enabling WEBINFO USERNAME, WEBINFO PASSWORD, and WEBINFO LISTEN PORT (username, password and port). Moreover, the port must be mapped to your router.