Holland’s largest cable operator Ziggo has announced its new line-up of analogue and digital TV packages, simplifying the subscription structure and making digital TV the standard. All subscription models include free VOD titles.

The new basic package is called TV Standaard and comprises 25 analogue channel, 66 digital channels (of which 12 in HD), the catch-up TV service TV Gemist and 10 free VOD movies, as well as three complete TV series. The price is €16.95 per month and the new channels included are 24 Kitchen, Disney Channel and Disney XD.

TV Plus consists of 25 analogue channels, 99 digital channels (14 in HD), TV Gemist and 30 VOD films and TV 6 series at €24.95 per month. New channels in TV Plus are: BBC HD, Crime & Investigation, Lite TV and 192 TV.

TV Extra has 25 analogue channels, 120 digital channels (17 in HD), TV Gemist and 100 VOD films and 15 TV series at €29.95 per month. The new channels in TV Extra are Nat Geo Wild HD, Foxlife HD, RTL Crime, Disney Junior and Pebble TV.