Spain's government has regarded its analogue switch off, which took place 3 April 2010, as a success: the county’s pay-TV operators are taking another opinion.

Leading this counterrevolution has been Prisa TV's Digital+ whose Content Manager, Alejandro Martínez has been particularly scathing about the Act. He said: "Spain's analogue switch over was a real foolish act because a non-existent model has been put into place. The fact is that Spain is the second European country with a highest number of DTT channels after the UK and this is crazy because it is a model based on the advertising and it has been a total disaster."

As an example the executive mentions the closure of some DTT channels such as Prisa TV's 24 hour news channel CNN+; Mediapro's suppression of self-productions at laSexta 2 and Unidad Editorial's Veo 7 ending its traditional programming one month after having closed down its news programmes.

Martínez also forecast some more channels will close down such as Intereconomía TV or Vocento's La 10 which is barely a year old.

However, Alejandro Martínez did not mention the contribution of DTT thematic channels such as Nitro, Disney Channel, laSexta 3 Todo Cine, Neox or FDF. The operator's executive said one of his platform's objectives is to search for possibilities that allow the viewers to watch whatever they want with whichever device they what.