07.02 Europe/London, June 29, 2011

Revenues from pay-TV services in Spain slipped to €1,681.31 million in 2010, down from €1,768.20 million a year earlier, according to data published by the regulator CMT in its annual report.

However, the number of pay-TV subscribers rose from 4,238,332 or 4,568,185 over the same period.

Revenues from FTA services in 2010 meanwhile amounted to €2,335.05 million. DTT accounted for over half (59.3%) of total revenues for pay and FTA services, followed by satellite (27.0%), cable (8.2%), IPTV (5.1%) and mobile TV (0.4%).

The number of satellite pay-TV subscribers in 2010 was down on a year earlier (1,773,366 v 1,845,805), while those for cable pay-TV services rose (1,586,573 v 1,441,696).

Terrestrial pay-TV subscribers doubled (347,662 v 153,151), and those for IPTV (855,584 v 797,680) and mobile TV (496,856 v 346,528) also rose.