The removal of ads from Spain's national public broadcaster Corporación RTVE has seen commercial broadcasters improve their advertising income by 24.7% over the last twelve months.

According to figures released by the Telecommunication Market Commission (CMT) shows that in all the private broadcasters brought in €1.913 billion, up from €1.552 million in 2009, while in the case of the public networks it came down from €638 million to €247 million in that period.

However the TV firms’ income before public subsidies came down 2.1% due to a fall in incomes from pay-per-view services which fell from €1.768 billion in 2009 down to €1.681 billion during last year. On the other hand the report also underlines that last year there was a significant downturn in pay-per-view and VOD services.

Bernardo Lorenzo, the CMT's president said that the downturn of the pay-per-view services explains itself because of a change in the broadcasters’ model with an increase in the number of platforms offering this type of services. Nevertheless the president highlighted that the downturn of this sector is not exclusively due to the change of model but also to the economic crisis.

Finally the total income of Spain's audiovisual sector rose thanks to the subsidies received by the channels that grew nearly 60% meaning €2.289 billion. In this sense Bernardo Lorenzo pinpointed that the increase of the subsidies explains itself because of the new financing model of Corporación RTVE but also because the increases registered in other segments of the public broadcasters.

Iñaki Ferreras | 29-06-2011