08.48 Europe/London, June 29, 2011

Motorola Mobility UK is adding a ‘click-in’ module that enables its VIP1853 IP set-top to instantly add DVR capability.

The 8GB DVR module, which supports trick play functionality such as play and pause, can be further upgraded to full-featured DVR functionality with 160, 320 or 500 GB capacity.

“The Motorola VIP1853 can further strengthen the operator’s relationship with its subscriber base and differentiates its position in the marketplace by offering a high performance IP set-top with a lower cost DVR option,” said Keith Kelley, vice president, home devices, Motorola Mobility. “The modular design of the Motorola VIP1853 is attractive and environmentally friendly, and allows subscribers to increase the enjoyment of their home entertainment service with its opt-in DVR capacity at an affordable and easy-to-control price point.”

Motorola is also emphasising the low power consumption of the VIP1853 IP receiver. It is expected to be available for delivery globally from Q3 2011 and be launched by a major European operator by the end of 2011.