The amendment knife picture Nemesis4.4.6 Max30 integration of real estate and CCcam2.2.1 web_x_tv

I propose today Nemesis version 4.4.6 and updates to the image of the splendor Ausas 4.4

This version is characterized by speed, stability and beauty of this is very fast in Alcheringa

I experience the best evidence.

Extras: Lugo Dmoh new

Enhance property web_x_tv

Integration with the French, with English

- Modification of original Max30 beautiful knife with minor modifications by

integration Cccam2.2.1

And integration Cccaminfo Ecminfo

- Integration in the picture Blegn Nagrab

Bilgin signal integration

Integration Bilgin CCcam update 2011 to update files

acceleration Alseskam

All this was included in the image of the var

- Add real estate for PVR recording directly - to change the menu via the HELP button in the space eighty-four Var%


- This is raw (img) can be transferred to the Dream through dreamup or flashwizard

Now the pictures ...

I leave you now with dowland greetings to all I wish you good luck