Dutch commercial radio station Kink FM will stop broadcasting on 1 October. The Veronica organisation has decided to end funding for the station. In May, it was decided that V-Ventures, part of the Veronica group, would not submit a bid for an FM package for the station due to the high licence fee. Without a terrestial FM frequency package, V-Ventures sees no way to profitably exploit Kink FM.

Guido van Nispen, director of V-Ventures said: “It was a very difficult but unavoidable decision. Led by Station Manager Jantien Tol it’s a beautiful and innovative station of which the staff and listeners can be proud. The recent rebranding to “Kink: Messenger of Music, led to an historic increase in Kink’s market share.”

Kink FM was founded by Rob Stenders and Jan Hoogesteijn and began broadcasting on 1 October 1995 on the old cable channel of RTL Rock Radio. The station was originally owned by the Holland Media Group which later became RTL Nederland. On 2 December 1996 the station was sold to the Veronica organisation. Since then, Kink FM has frequently had to fight for survival.

Among the low points was its failure in 2003 to get an FM frequency. Veronica pulled out from the frequency auction at the last minute. Another blow was the sudden death of its director Arjen Grolleman in January 2010. Together with current station manager Jantien van Tol, he had led Kink FM since 2006.

Kink FM will continue to broadcast Until 1 October, its 16th birthday.

June 30th, 2011 - 10:43 UTC
by A.Sennitt
(Source: radiofreak.nl)