Turner Broadcasting System (TBS)'s movie and TV series channel TNT is to be included within the HDTV version of Prisa TV's pay-TV operator Digital+.

Starting from next 30 September viewers will be able to receive the package only though if they have the iPlus advanced STB which gets the HDTV signal and also has a recording functionality among others.

TNT has become a TV reference due to the variety and quality of its contents. The channel's TV series are the most popular ones in television. For example 'The Mentalist', 'Treme' or 'Falling Skies'.

As for the popular movies the channel offers so popular titres as 'Valkiria', 'Batman', 'Love Actually' and 'Men in Black'. The irreverent and crazy sense of humour has also a place on the channel thanks to the program 'Adult Swim' that incorporates self-produced series such as 'Zombis', created y played by Berto Romero.

Iñaki Ferreras | 01-07-2011