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FilmFour TV listings guide Today.

11:00There's No Business Like Show Business[SUB HD]
The showbiz parents of the vaudevillian Donahue family realise their children are drifting away from the family tradition - one of their sons choosing the priesthood over the stage, while another is distracted by his infatuation with a chorus singer. Musical, starring Ethel Merman, Dan Dailey, Johnnie Ray, Donald O'Connor, Marilyn Monroe and Mitzi Gaynor, with songs by Irving BerlinFilm/Musical

13:15Sink the Bismarck![SUB AD BW HD]
Fact-based Second World War drama, charting the mission of a Royal Navy officer and his crew to track down and eliminate the pride of the German fleet, a fearsome battleship devastating British vessels in the North Atlantic. Starring Kenneth More, Dana Wynter, Laurence Naismith and Karel StepanekFilm/Adventure/War

15:10The Shepherd of the Hills[SUB HD]
A remote mountain community facing being driven from their land receive help from a mysterious stranger, but an embittered young man consumed with hatred for his missing father is suspicious of the new arrival. Drama, starring John Wayne and Betty FieldFilm/General Movie/Drama

17:05Sunset Boulevard[SUB BW HD]
A faded film star from the silent-movie era is fixated with making a comeback. When she meets a struggling screenwriter on the run from debt collectors, she persuades him to write a script that will mark her spectacular return to the screen. He takes advantage of the deluded actress, becoming her lover in a relationship where the mutual deceit ends in tragedy. Drama, with Gloria Swanson, William Holden and Eric von StroheimFilm/General Movie/Drama

19:15Meet Dave[SUB HD]
A crew of tiny aliens on a mission to save their homeworld travels to Earth aboard a spacecraft in human form. However, the miniature explorers are unprepared for their ship falling in love. Sci-fi comedy, starring Eddie Murphy and Elizabeth BanksFilm/Comedy/Science Fiction

21:00Heat[SUB HD]
An armoured car hold-up sets a veteran police detective on the trail of a highly intelligent career criminal, whom he is obsessed with capturing. Meanwhile, the robber is planning an elaborate bank heist as his final job before retiring, and a complex game of cat and mouse develops between the two. Michael Mann's crime thriller, starring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer, Jon Voight, Tom Sizemore and Natalie PortmanFilm/Detective/Thriller

00:15Kung Fu Hustle
A wannabe gangster gets caught up in the gang wars of 1940s China, and unwittingly triggers a battle between a powerful crime lord and a humble group of kung fu masters. As the fists and feet fly in furious fashion, the hapless youth is forced to choose sides. Martial arts comedy adventure, directed by and starring Stephen Chow. With Wah Yuen and Zhi Hua Dong. In Cantonese and MandarinFilm/Comedy/Adventure

02:10Tony Manero
A man living under Pinochet's regime is obsessed with Saturday Night Fever and sees the chance to become a star by appearing on a TV impersonation contest. As his fixation with the film drives him to a life of crime, his friends plot to bring down the dictatorship. Chilean drama, starring Alfredo Castro and Paola Lattus. In Spanish and EnglishFilm/General Movie/Drama