Burgeoning pay-TV revenues, particularly in IPTV, will make it boom time for Asia-Pac telcos over the next five years a new report from predicts.

The “Pay TV and Broadband Markets in China, India, Japan and Asia-Pacific” study forecasts regional service revenues from DSL, fibre broadband and IPTV to rise from $52.5 billion in 2010 to $79.5 billion in 2016. ABI adds that significant revenue growth will come from fibre broadband and IPTV services, offset slightly by some declines in broadband DSL.

By contrast with the telco sector which is set for revenue growth of 51%, and as is the case of late almost everywhere else in the world, cable companies won’t share in the boom with revenues dipping slightly by 3%. from $51 billion to $49.5 billion.

Increases in cable broadband will likely offset some loss of pay-TV revenue to telco-provided IPTV and satellite. In sum, telcos while cable companies see a decline of revenues

ABI added that at the heart of the boom is shifting regulation that will tilt the balance of power between telcos and cable companies, especially in China and India.

Editor | 01-07-2011