Fifteen applicants had submitted their applications for the two advertised national commercial radio licences at the close of the deadline yesterday, Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe chief executive officer Mr Obert Muganyura has said.

In an interview last night, Mr Muganyura said there was a “rush” towards the two advertised licences. “A total of 15 applications have managed to beat the deadline and there was actually a rush. Those are the ones who have managed to meet all the requirements,” he said.

The country already has four FM radio stations, namely Radio Zimbabwe, National FM, Power FM and Spot FM. Mr Muganyura said they were now waiting for the applicants to publish their applications within seven days after submitting in the newspapers, in terms of the law. “There is also a 14 day window period for members of the public to comment about the applications to the authority and to lodge any objections about any application.

“From there we will shortlist the application and conduct of public inquiries,” he said. He said the identity of the applicants would be disclosed after all the procedures had been completed. BAZ invited applications from prospective broadcasters for the two free to air national commercial radio licences last month setting yesterday as the deadline.

The authority said the licences would be for 10 years. The licence application fees were pegged at US$2500 with the public enquiry put at US$7500.

July 1st, 2011 - 15:26 UTC
by A.Sennitt
(Source: The Herald, published by the Government of Zimbabwe)