Whether or not the 3D TV has performed anywhere near expectation, there are already losers and winners and new research from NPD shows that Samsung is very much in the latter camp.

Data from the analyst has shown that for the time period May 22-June 18, 2011, Samsung has grabbed a 61% unit and dollar share of 61% in the 3D TV market, which includes both LED and Plasma 3D TVs. In addition, the company has over half of the unit and dollar market share for April to May, 2011.

In what has been a tough market to date, Samsung has a clear strategy of aiming to go for quality leadership. Key in the strategy is working with partners offering compelling enough content that would prompt a purchase of 3D TVs. Indeed the company received an endorsement from DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.

“Quality is what matters when it comes to 3D...DreamWorks Animation has always been dedicated to creating movies of the highest quality and, since 2009, we have been the only studio to exclusively produce films in 3D," Katzenberg said. "So, it is tremendously important to us that 3D in the home must also be of the highest quality. [Samsung’s] full-resolution 3D TVs deliver to the home the same immersive 3D experience that our filmmakers intended for our audiences.”

Editor | 03-07-2011