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FilmFour TV listings guide Today.

11:00That Touch of Mink[SUB AD]
A sophisticated millionaire businessman goes in passionate pursuit of a strait-laced secretary, but while he is only interested in the thrill of the chase, she is determined to save herself for marriage. Romantic comedy, starring Cary Grant, Doris Day, Gig Young, John Astin and Audrey MeadowsFilm/Comedy

12:55The Tall Men[SUB HD]
A Civil War veteran and his brother are recruited on a cattle drive by a wealthy rancher. On the journey they rescue a female settler from danger, leading to jealousy and a fierce rivalry between the former soldier and his employer. Western, starring Clark Gable, Jane Russell, Robert Ryan and Cameron MitchellFilm/Western

15:15High Anxiety[SUB HD]
A psychiatrist takes over the running of an institute following the suspicious death of the previous director. When he ends up framed for murder, he has to keep his own neuroses under control before he can prove his innocence. Spoof Hitchcock thriller, directed by and starring Mel Brooks. With Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman and Harvey KormanFilm/Comedy

17:05Shadow of a Doubt[SUB BW HD]
A teenager is thrilled by her uncle's unexpected visit - but her suspicions are gradually aroused by his odd behaviour, and she begins to think he may be hiding a sinister secret. Alfred Hitchcock's mystery thriller, starring Joseph Cotten, Teresa Wright and Hume CronynFilm/Detective/Thriller

19:10Taxi[SUB HD]
A bumbling New York cop is unable to pursue a gang of bank robbers in their souped-up getaway car because he does not have a driving licence. Fortunately, help is on hand in the form of a taxi driver with dreams of becoming a racing driver, and whose customised cab can give the crooks a run for their money. Comedy thriller remake, starring Queen Latifah, Jimmy Fallon and Gisele BundchenFilm/Comedy

21:00Sleeping With the Enemy[SUB AD HD]
An emotionally abused wife fakes her own death to escape her violent, obsessional husband. She moves to a new town and starts a new life under an assumed identity. However, her brutal spouse realises she is still alive and sets out to hunt her down with a chilling resolve. Thriller, starring Julia Roberts, Patrick Bergin, Kevin Anderson and Elizabeth LawrenceFilm/Detective/Thriller

22:50Through a Glass Darkly[BW]
A former mental institution inmate returns to her family, but faces an uphill struggle to readjust to life in the outside world. Ingmar Bergman's drama, starring Harriet Andersson and Max von Sydow. In SwedishFilm/General Movie/Drama

00:35Winter Light[BW]
A respected priest living in the Swedish countryside struggles with a crisis of faith and mourns the moral decline of his congregation. Ingmar Bergman's religious drama, starring Ingrid Thulin, Max von Sydow and Gunnar Bjornstrand. In SwedishFilm/General Movie/Drama

02:10The Silence[BW]
A woman's repressed sexual desire for her own sister casts a shadow over a holiday they decide to spend together, setting the scene for a tragic denouement. Ingmar Bergman's drama, starring Ingrid Thulin and Gunnel Lindblom. In Swedish, German, English, French and SpanishFilm/General Movie/Drama