Dutch IPTV provider KPN is now offering two tuners as the standard for its KPN Interactieve TV service. Retailing at 15 a month, subscribers now receive two tuners. People who want just a single tuner pay 11 monthly.

The telecoms operator said that their research indicates the most Dutch households have two TV sets, hence the decision to deliver the two IPTV tuners as standard. Existing subsribers can ask for a second tuner if they wish to.

Until now, KPN was supplying smart cards for the DTT service Digitenne to IPTV customers who wanted to watch digital TV on their second and third sets. Now, the operator has decided to supply an additional IPTV tuner.

With the new marketing stragety in place, the basic tier price including two tuners is now 15, which compares to 9 for the Digitenne DTT service.