Spain's TV advertisers are forecasting a drop of 2% in the advertising investments for this year after scarce activity in the last quarter, according to consultant Zenithmedia.

This situation is worse than expected in April when the analyst predicted a fall of only 0.2 in revenues.

According to the Zenithmedia report, the evolution in the advertising sector could follow two alternative ways: if the advertising sector continued at the same pace as at the beginning of this year, 2011 could close with a downturn of around 5% or 6%; or the fall out could be even worse as the Spanish economy falls further. However Zenithmedia believes that it is more likely that the second half of this year has more activity.

Taking account of the different type of media the consultancy’s experts say that investment in traditional TV could drop by 2.7%; local TV could fall by 12.1%; thematic pay-TV, 0.3%. Advertising investment on the traditional thematic channels could actually rise by 1.8% and for in-the-clear thematic channels the advertising investments could rise by 4%.