Another Spanish channel bites the dust: Spain's new satellite pay-TV operator Starmax HD has ceased transmit three days ago now and there seem to be no plans of coming back.

The closure is hot on the heels of Unidad Editorial pulling the plug on Veo 7, with the loss of 60 workers.

The reason for Starmax HDs closure is attributed to technical problems according to the company. Some rumours suggest that Hispasat -the satellite on which the operator transmits- cut off the signal because the company did not pay for it.

Other rumours speculate that the operator will close down in the near future because its official website has removed the section allowing users activate the new smart cards. The platform has also closed down its internet forum on Facebook so the subscribers cannot solve their doubts and complaints through it.

But the company has repeated on Facebookthat it is not within its plans to close down or that it is not fulfilling its contract with Hispasat in terms of due payments.