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Thread: Good motors

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    Re: Good motors

    Good and chep motor is SG2100. I'm used with success from 7 years. My receiver is Dream 800 HD with USALS of course.

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    Re: Good motors

    Not to throw a spanner in the works, but recent experience tells me that some motors have issues with certain dishes and won't perform no matter how well-aligned on USALS. One of the best pairings for a ChannelMaster 120cm dish is the Invacom C120 QDF-031 lnb. However, when I added a Stab HH 120 motor, two different installers couldn't get the dish to stop on any given satellite. It simply sailed past them all, in continuous motion. However, when the Invacom was replaced by a single Black Inverto (or a single Smart Titanium) the problem was solved. What exactly the incompatibility was, we didn't find out. The ChannelMaster/Invacom pairing might perform well in a fixed position, but with the Stab HH 120 it was not at the races.

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    Re: Good motors

    Hi. I have installed dozens of TM2600 motors and no problems. Very reliable and easy to setup. I agree with you regarding that if the dish is damaged in anyway then it may give problems. I dont think that it is the motor or USALS that is the problem. If two installers could not get USALS to stop at a particular satellite then the installers are either not very good or the dish was not aligned properly to begin with or maybe your motor was not working properly. In my experience USALS is perfect for finding satellites. It certainly should not sail by all the satellites. This indicates you have a problem with the setup or dodgy motor. Always check your USALS setup in the receiver is correct. Remember that once you have set up the first satellite correctly USALS will know where the other satellites are. If you then dont get a signal or picture always check you have correct frequency(TP) for that satellite otherwise you will need to adjust the dish/LNB slightly. It takes time and patience to get it right. From my experience people usually have problems with USALS because the dish is not set up properly to begin with. Regards.

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