ACCESS CO is claiming that it can now offer CE manufacturers, for the first time an end-to-end solution for implementing media sharing, playback and control services for DLNA-compliant devices.
This ability comes from the Digital Living Network Alliance(DLNA) certifying ACCESS CO’s NetFront Life Connect app.

NetFront Living Connect is designed to allow consumer electronics manufacturers to implement video and multimedia sharing, playback and control services on devices like digital cameras, printers, DVD players, digital TV,. In particular the apps enable such playback from any DLNA Certified device within a home Wi-Fi network. Among a variety of connected home devices this includes mobile phones, digital TVs, set-top boxes, stereos, tablets, printers, network attached storage (NAS) devices, game consoles and Windows 7 PCs, network.

“Software Certification is an essential step in facilitating product interoperability between the range of DLNA Certified products and those devices in the digital home that may not have attained Certification,” exaplained Nidhish Parikh, chairman and president of DLNA. “ACCESS is an active DLNA Promoter Member and their newly Certified software, NetFront Life Connect, will help drive our vision for the fully connected digital home.”

NetFront Life Connect is available at present as a free download for any Android OS 2.1 (or later) smartphone from the Android Market and will be available soon as a free download from the Amazon Appstore.