NDS Studio Design has been awarded the internationally recognised Red Dot Product Design Award, for the design of SFR’s Neufbox Evolution remote control.

The jury was particularly “impressed by the ability of the remote control to connect the consumer to the product. The judges also concluded that the remote had been designed in such a way that it reflected and enhanced the SFR brand,” NDS commented in a statement.

The SFR remote control is segmented to provide two distinct functions: One half of the device enables the user to manage the main functions of the user interface while the other keys provide shortcuts to dedicated functions. The two areas are separated by material, shape and colour.

According to the company, “design is an integral part of any TV offering and an important consideration when it comes to identifying with the brand. With the SFR remote control, the NDS design team has achieved the optimal balance between simplicity, ease of use and end-user functionality. “

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 07-07-2011