Saudi café goers who fancy watching high definition (HD)TV on demand or previewing three dimension (3D) TV content, can now do so with an espresso in Riyadh’s Coffee Day Café thanks to the launch there of Saudi Telecom Company’s (STC) high speed broadband service, Verve.

The café, in King Fahd Road, now claims to be providing customers with internet connection speeds of 100Mbs as standard - utilising STC’s fibre to the home (FTTH) network – in a ‘first’ among coffee shops in the Saudi Arabian capital.

In a statement, the telecommunications company says it is now “working to provide customers in all areas in the Kingdom with [the] Verve service in order to enhance internet services in Saudi society and transform it into an information community in which the internet is a vital factor and part of a sophisticated modern lifestyle."

As well as providing IPTV, the STC Verve service provides applications such as video calling, interactive games, e-education, and remote health care. As well as the new high speed café connection, Verve packages for home or business use are available at broadband speeds from 40-100Mbs depending on the customer’s requirements.

Rebecca Hawkes | 07-07-2011