A new Australian IPTV company, iStreamTV, is due to launch this month delivering full HD 1080p content to smartphones, tablet PCs and IP-enabled TVís

Yet according to reports in SmartHouse, analysts are claiming that it will struggle against the likes of Foxtel, Telstra TV and Fetch TV.

As part of the service users will get a set top box made by MatrixStream Technologies, but it is not yet clear where the content will come from or which ISPs will partner with iStreamTV.

Ovum analyst Tim Renowden said: "Fetch TV has done a good job of locking down the ISPs that compete with Telstra and its T-Box service. It's going to be very hard for any new player as Foxtel Telstra and Fetch TV have locked down a lot of the content deals.

"Fetch TV has got a good head start with Optus and iiNet and any wholesaler of IPTV hardware services is going to find it tough going especially in the Australian market."

The company behind iStreamTV is Fibredyne, which recently secured exclusive distribution and operating rights for the Maxistream IPTV and XMS technology.

Fibredyne CEO David Magri said that the IPTV service will enable small content providers to distribute content to users that were previously unattainable, whether it was due to geography or infrastructure.

"Our system generally requires no special configuration in the local carrier exchange or in the home by the end user and is carrier agnostic," he told SmartHouse.

"It is optimised for ultra low bandwidth where SD and HD generally require a ADSL2+ connection with <1.5 Mbps for SD (720p) and < 3.5 Mbps for HD (1080i and 1080p). Users can utilise either a PC player or dedicated set-top box to access both VOD and streaming content."

Louise Duffy 07-07-2011