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    -Tables of matches schedule for top leagues
    - Results & fextures for today matches
    -Tables,matches schedule for more than 120 countries and international leagues including all countries leagues
    -Sport news from 12 feeds
    The usage of plugin is simple and every item is self explanatory
    countiries & international leagues screen is empty initially,the use has to select from countries or international list his favorite
    send the attached ipk to tmp and by telnet send command

    opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/enigma2-plugin-livefootball_2.0.ipk
    or simply from all servers of TSpanel

    -TunisiaSat dreambox work team and members for continuous support.
    -Sim201 team for unlimited support for this project and who offered the equipment to test this project.
    -All friends and forums hosting this project.
    -Some of the code of this project based on great plugins thewebsiteparser(Sharkadder) and livesoccerscores.(COoLoSER) - Special thanks Sharkadder and COoLoSER

    welcome for any opinion or suggestion

    Examples from England premier league

    Winners for the previous seasons

    I've installed it on my Uno, and I have used the "Advanced ipk package installation" (see picture). Expanded the plug right away and also funzt. So who is enthusiastic about football can even try it once
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    LiveFootBall enigma2 plugin 3.2

    -change menu images to icons
    -can navigate to all league tables(players scores,matches sceudules,archive and league scores table) from today live soccer screen and also this apply for broadcasting satellite channels
    -design and graphic improvement and minor bugs fixed

    from update yellow button in plugin menu of previous versions or from TSpanel-addons-Tunisiasat addons-livefootball or from all TSpanel servers

    or by telnet after copying ipkg file to tmp

    " opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-livefootball_3.2_mipsel.ipk "

    the antifilter attached ipk file same as the normal ipk but used for countries where the sport sites used in plugin blocked

    Thx mfaraj57

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