The Spanish economic crisis is not only causing a drastic reduction in advertising for Spain's TV industry this year but also a downturn in the number of hours of produced contents.

This is the findings of 'Barómetro TV', a recent study made by consultant Barlovento Comunicación regarding matters related to national television.

One of the report's principal conclusions is that in the first half of the year is being "clearly" negative for the TV sector. Practically all of the indicators within the study show a negative evolution in relation to the previous study made in November 2010.

The other conclusion of Barlovento Comunicación relates to the production and distribution situation which continues to go backwards. So in this study none of the survey feels optimistic and for 87% of them the current economic situation is "bad" or "very bad".

As a third important point the report pinpoints that the Spanish TV sector regards itself negatively and it goes down ten points under from November last year. The survey also found that only 14% of those in the country's audiovisual market consider the evolution of their company has been positive in this period.

On the production side 86% believed that the quality of the productions has gone down and 60% of them also thought the number of productions has also gone down.

However two types of productions have had positive results: fiction for the national broadcasters and the production of competitions.
Finally the birth of DTT has been negative with 69% of them thinking that the DTT part of the pay-TV market will not have any influence in this sector. And most regard as positive, the removal of commercial advertising on national public broadcaster TVE.