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Thread: Config Hadu.ini V3.0.0 Beta New Version

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    Config Hadu.ini V3.0.0 Beta New Version

    Config Hadu.ini V3.0.0 Beta

    New Version, Release date: 16/06/2011 - By FTA_Boy
    - V 3.0.0 Beta – First Version. Feature:
    1- This version using the original hadu.ini.
    2- Can set\change hadu setting (more Features will add soon).
    3- User can enter unlimited clines.
    4- Choose server name for every cline.(use server address + a random number)
    5- Can fill all fields automatically (with new fixes).
    5-1 You can copy and paste cline at host textbox and program will fill other parameters.
    5-2 Now in this version you can copy cline with C: or with out it.
    Note: it should have a space character between every part. (C: Host Port Username Password) it doesn't important copy no {0:0:3} or don’t… program will detect them automatically.
    6- Program remember Hadu.ini path, use host name, show/editing mode and settings.
    7- Compatible with Hadu v 0.127

    Tested on Win Xp and Seven.
    I recommended using original hadu.ini file that I put that in zip file.
    This is the first and beta version so please tell me any bug or any idea here.
    If any body know any way to check a cline is active or not tell me that maybe I can put that in this program…..

    Config Hadu.ini is Freeware.
    Thank Satlover Team……
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