Recognising the fact that across millions of homes devices such as the iPad and iPhone are well established as de facto TVs, Netgem has launched a multimedia home cloud to offer secure and simplified access to content on any screen.

The new solution is fundamentally designed to enables operators to meet such increased demand as the growth in the number of connected screens in homes yields greater content consumption. Yet says Netgem such higher consumer also comes with commensurate increased frustration due to the usage complexity and lack of consistency across devices.

The company believes that the issue will only get more complex: it quotes research by Médiamétrie – GfK calculating that taking into account tablets, PCs, smartphones and flat screen TVs, the average number of screen per household in France is now close to 6.

Netgem confidently believes that it can solve these issues and meet expectations with its secure, multi-screen cloud solution which it also attributes to being cost-effective foir the end usewr and operator alike. That is to say its architecture does not require an overlay toi be deployed and leverages existing feeds and devices.

The Cloud software suite effectively transforms a household’s set-top box (STB) into a multimedia server which recognises connected devices into clients. This hybrid solution leverages the power of the cloud while giving the end-user full control over his or her content through local storage and management.

Monaco Telecom, Netgem’s partner in innovation, will be the first to deploy this new offer and the first implementation of the Cloud is an application for the iPad, which allows users to receive all linear TV channels alongside access to their personal content.

Explained Netgem CEO Christophe Aulnette: “We started with the iPad…because we are convinced that tablets will become the new connected and mobile televisions within the home.”

Aulnette also emphasis the work that had gone into securing the new solution and ensuring that users had confidence as to where content would he stored. He added: “We firmly believe that consumers will become more and more cautious about sharing their personal data and guaranteeing privacy is a value-added service that operators can sell in to their customers.

“Our solution means devices such as TV, tablets, smartphones, etc. do not need the Internet to access stored content, since this is kept within the home. Our architecture ensures the consumer can maintain full control over what he or she wishes to store online.”