Gemeni4.70 Skin VIP Validator2 by Marwen. 8.07.2011

Peace, mercy and blessings of God and

Only present to you the changes in the best location for the image of a knife Gemini4.70 Validator2 VIP Professor Mehdi, where brother Marwan conversion from Gemini to the PLI with some modifications in order to promote Picon. Was prepared by two mixed CCcam2.0.11 mixed first and second by Mgcamd1.31. It's the other additives and greetings from Marwan's brother


Zapstream VLC and Web-X-TV Fixed
- Copy the original boot
- Add Arabic and English and French
- The rest of the languages ​​of the degradation of server
- CCcam 2.0.11 merge and V1.1 CCcaminfo in the first picture of oil away from the area of ​​VAR
- Integration of the second picture Mgcamd1.31 oil away from the area of ​​VAR
- Change the original knife Validator2 VIP Mod Marwen
- Merge Blegn Ecminfo of Var area
- Merge Blegn Mgcamdinfo of Var area
- Merge Blegn Minicat Key Updater to update the blade from the surface of Var
Teletext ok
- Merge Blegn Nagrab of Var area
- Add a DVR to record property online
- You can change the menu of channels, such as Humax clicking on OK, and then help
Free space in the VAR 83%

Note: You can scroll through or Flashwizard Dreamup

I leave you with pictures and files to download:

Gemeni4.70 Skin VIP Validator2 and CCcam2.0.11 by Marwen.rar

Gemeni4.70 Skin VIP Validator2 and Mgcamd1.31 by Marwen.rar

TANX Marwen