Despite the plethora of available advanced TV options—in particular DVRs, online TV, VOD and over the top (OTT) services—live TV is still the preferred choice of TV viewers of all ages.

According to the top line findings of a new survey by Knowledge Networks, even though connected TV technology can now be found in almost two in five TV households, viewers of all age groups still prefer live TV programmes shown at their regular time TV over all other options,

For those over 46 years of age, 66% opt for live TV and 44% of the so-called Gen Y of 13-31 year olds. Only among Gen X of 32-45s does live TV not become the clear preference with its 38% share edging that of DVR (35%). In all across the ages almost half (47%) of all connected TV viewers expressing the view that watching a program at its regular time is their first choice – with DVR usage coming in second at 23%.

Knowledge Networks also found that among the younger and older age groups that in addition to a lack of current connected TV usage, there was also a lack of desire to get onboard the connected TV revolution. Only a fifth of those in what were described as "capable but unconnected" TV homes, expect to connect in the next year and among the two-fifths in homes without a capable device, a mere 8% registered a wish to get such a device in the next year.

"Connected TVs are now clearly a mainstream technology if defined by presence in the home – but actual usage is a different story," said David Tice, Vice President and Group Account Director at Knowledge Networks. "Finding ways to 'turn on' the installed-but-inactive population may be the key to growth in every area. One potential approach: Tap into the unmet needs of pay-TV consumers, such as the ability to access web-like search tools and social media through their TV set."