In a flurry of activity, the Chinese State Micro Technology Corporation (SMiT), a leading global conditional access module (CAM) manufacturer, has revealed more details of its extended partnerships.

Specifically, the company announced that it has joined Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, SmarDTV and Neotion as the seventh partner of the CI Plus LLP and has shed more detail on its operations with DTH pay-TV operator Digiturk.

“SMiT is extremely honoured to become the 7th partner of CI Plus LLP,” said Stephen He, SMiT’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “We are committed to upholding the high standard of the CI Plus LLP founders and other licensees, working together to define the next generation of advanced security and rich user experience capabilities.”

With Digiturk, SMIT has initiated a new promotional campaign in which interactive digital (iDTV) TV functionality will be bundled with SMiT-provided Digiturk CAMs with a smartcard. “Through working with SMIT and iDTV vendor to bundle our subscription package with iDTV, we can attract more users directly by transforming those TV set buyers as our subscribers. We are also planning to work with even more TV vendors once they launch their satellite tuner embedded iDTVs that are compatible,” commented Digiturk COO Hatice Memiguven.