The world’s newest country, South Sudan, was officially recognised as independent by the Government of North Sudan via Sudan TV News on 8 July.

“The Republic of Sudan declares that it recognises the state of South Sudan from July 9,” said Minister for Presidential Affairs Major General Bakri Hassan Saleh, in a video message from Khartoum.

The Republic of South Sudan seceded on Saturday (9 July), as a result of both an overwhelming referendum and the 2005 peace accord which ended two generations of conflict between the Islamic north and predominantly non-Muslim south.

The new East African country will be governed from Juba by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, the political wing of the rebel army which fought the north until 2005.

Meanwhile, the New Sudan Vision reports that the state-owned South Sudan TV (SSTV) is in arrears to Arabsat for its satellite carriage fees. The channel, which uses just one studio for both production and broadcasting, would benefit from increased funding, experienced staff, and greater editorial independence, the report states.

It is not only broadcasting, however, that would profit from extra income: schools, hospitals and roads in the war-ravaged country must now also be rebuilt by South Sudan’s elected president Salva Kiir Mayardit.