Good news for Latin American pay-TV: new research by consultancy Dataxis is forecasting that the market will reach 67.3 million clients by 2016.

This figure will be equal to a penetration of 48.1% of TV homes, more than three times those registered in 2006. Brazil, Mexico and Colombia are the countries with the highest potential rates and at the same time, in the medium term, those three countries plus Argentina will be the four big markets of TV per volume of clients since. Among the four of them they will concentrate 87.4% of subscribers, in 2016.

Finally the report states that by 2016, 90% of pay-TV subscribers will use some kind of digital platform. DTH will likely boast highest growth rates, and digital cable will be the second option since nearly 30% of the total subscribers by 2016 and IPTV with 7%.