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    biss search

    ubout search biss
    1 .- The TS of a channel that only has the information in this channel (A PID)
    2 .- The mode of TS Canal Canal has the information and all their TP (Multiple PID)

    **using the CSA CW Finder 0.9 Beta you enter the PID of the channels to search, in the case of TS 1 (A PID), no problems and in the case of the TS 2 (Multiple PID) this only searches and finds the key to that channel (PID entered).and found key.

    In addition to the CSA CW Finder 1.0 this is not asking PID. But in the case of TS 1
    if you find the key (by having a single channel - PID). But in the case of the TS 2
    several channels in different keys TP and it does not work completely and passed
    overlook the keys.

    In regard to cudabiss, I know give different TS 1 TS 2 Canal & MUX.overlock te keys.

    The CW Finder Perform tests with the ts file pltv take 2pid 601 and 801 and passed key or found any value key..

    Result: The CW Finder 1.0 is used not to work with TS MUX (Multi-PID) that no
    find the keys ...

    use 0.9 cw finder from search biss

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    Re: biss search

    You could cite the original author.

    I say that I am.
    I was the one who performed the tests with different software search.

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