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Thread: Cyprus: A further six suspects "card sharing"

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    Cyprus: A further six suspects "card sharing"

    Cyprus: A further six suspects "card sharing"

    2011-07-07 12:49:02 / Anita Dabek
    Last update: 2011-07-07 1:52:09 p.m.
    Source: AEPOC
    AEPOC, Association Européenne pour la Protection des Oeuvres et services Cryptés inform subsequent success in Cyprus. This time was to take six servers that support "card sharing" and arrested six people suspected of illegally offering BFBS, BSkyB and Nova . Earlier, in June. the actions of the police, supported and initiated by members of AEPOC, including ******, was arrested for providing illegal Cypriot pay-TV subscriptions to about 1,400 customers in Europe.

    Police believe the six new suspects are connected with the first case. In both incidents, distributed codes to illegal access to pay-TV content. Close cooperation of members of AEPOC with Cypriot police still brings a welcome and immediate effects. Intense but relatively short operation lasted six months preparation time and undercover investigations. Over the last three weeks in Cyprus, seized a total of 11 servers, "sharingu card." In the first case, the accused pleaded guilty to the charges. The last case in court in Germany required more time and flexibility. After a period of two years the man has been sentenced to two years in prison for illegal software to access pay-TV, including the offer Premiere (predecessor Sky Deutschland). The operator filed an action on this matter, and also served as an expert witness during the trial. The defendant denied the allegations until the very end. In the past two years in Bautzen, the court held 16 hearings. Interviewed about 70 witnesses to prove the commercial nature of this illegal activity. Under German law, a "computer fraud", to demonstrate that it is necessary to impose severe penalties. Initially, the court received 972 reports of individual cases of piracy. Prosecutor have limited that number to 100 The final sentence was imposed based on 42 cases of fraud perpetrated by man. In Britain stopped the incident "card sharingu" less harmful. This followed the transfer of the BSkyB and FACT evidence to the police in West Yorkshire. On 31 May 2011 the owner of a satellite store in Leeds was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court on 14 days' imprisonment and fined £ 2,000 for illegally providing services to approximately 36 customers. Sheila Cassells, executive director of AEPOC said: AEPOC is pleased with the swift action of the Cypriot police, who detained a large network of "card sharingu." This is just the beginning, as members of AEPOC currently preparing several investigations. AEPOC and its members are determined to do everything necessary to limit piracy.
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