Pay-TV is on the rise in Chile according to the country’s Telecommunication Sub-secretary (SUBTEL) which found that in Q1 2011 the number of subscribers grew to 1.97 million with 43,000 added in the quarter.

Out of this figure, 41.8% belong to the Telefónica's DTH clients and in all by March 2011 satellite TV boasted 882,000 subscribers. Almost 1.09 million clients used IPTV and cable TV networks.

In terms of company share, the leading operator is VTR which in that period reached 898,000 subscribers followed by Claro with its 387,000 customers spread between its cable and DTH offerings.

Although Telefónica experienced a bigger growth, the Spanish telco occupies the thirst post among the leading operators with 354.000 clients. As for DirecTV, last March the big satellite pay-TV operator reached 206.000 clients meaning 8,000 clients more in these three months.