New PLI @ skin Jade3 ViP_Validator2 Cccam2.2.1

Peace and God's mercy

I am pleased to present a photo Ahdtadelat Dreambox 500S
this amendment I want my father to get satisfaction
of the three major bear one of the strongest images Dreambox, ViP Validator 2 as a noun because it is an extract from the former to present him with a knife ...
do not extend your
and give them the most important changes is

6 - Bilgin inadyn configuration (from var area)

7 - Bilgin drtic to Sthaddamh Alavlammn Guenoah in the translation of foreign (from the surface var) 8 - Bilgin Minicat key updater to download the latest keys from a gentle, no hassle (away from the var)

9 - CCcam turned on immediately after the terraces on the device is enough to add cccam.cfg to the server in the path var / ect and operate Channel
10 - integration of key packaging and Austria, TNT Sat + ORF 11 - the frequency and speed of the search 12 - change the image in a magnificent 13 - to cancel the property MHW EPG is not Althnic 14 - Stop the search, automatic 15 - to change the original knife ViP 2 Validator Splendor 16 - Change channels by pressing aid, such as Humax 17 - register by clicking the aid and radio 18 - to delete files that others may Mnconha Zeroria cause the image and update the entire image to become the fastest and coolest

19 - var-free space 84%

Here are some pictures







May submit a photo to Dream Up and FLASHWIZARD



This version of the signal used by Hay and wonderful, when there are no problems and do not block Ashe