Sony has taken the wraps off of its new video-friendly, Android-based tablet devices, the S1 and S2. They will launch first in the United States, with AT&T providing exclusive 3G HSPA connectivity for the S2 tablet. The S1 is Wi-Fi-only.

More details on pricing and firm launch dates (right now, Sony is aiming simply for "the fall timeframe") are expected in August.

Both gadgets sport several features that are tailored for video, including cameras, dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processors and the Android Honeycomb OS. To boot, the S1 has a widescreen, TV-like display, and will come preloaded with Qriocity video streaming and music service and the Sony Crackle cloud-based media service for streaming TV shows and movies online.

Notably, the S2 has a dual-display and closes like a clamshell: both screens are 5.5 inches wide so it's full tablet-size when open.

Both are PlayStation certified, and will run PSP and console games.