The EMS Summer 2011 audience survey has credited euronews with 29.9% of the upmarket European viewers every month.

This means that the Lyons-based news channel then watched each monthly by 14.1 million Europeans on TV, online or on mobile.

Looking at individual platforms, 17 % of users are exposed to euronews only on mobile or internet (2.4 million of users) and 71% on TV only. Digital (internet or mobile) and TV usage represents 12 %.

The euronews digital offer includes website and its 10 language editions, VOD, live streaming services, euronews mobile website, euronews Live applications on iPhone and iPad, No Comment TV application on iPhone, as well as activities on significant social media platforms.

Regarding news channels daily reach, euronews is placed in second position with a 3.4 % audience, after Sky News (5.3 %) but followed by CNN (3.1 %), and BBC World News (2.8 %).

Also in the study, pan-European TV reports a weekly reach of 72.7% across all sectors. News channels got a 43.5% share while general entertainment offerings were consumed by 63.1% of those surveyed.