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Thread: dragon shows black screen help :(

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    Question dragon shows black screen help :(

    HI funfiles
    I have a problem, my dragon shows everything back :( , what ever I load all the channesl are black screen. But when i go in menu so there is pred3.43 but i dont understand why its not working now. Before i hade no problem until D+ gone, then I load 3.43 2 day so everything shows blackscreen :( , I dont know what 2 do please help me.

    I have Cas3 please any advice Ill be verey happy

    thank you funfiles

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    Re: dragon shows black screen help :(

    Did you use a Loader Card AFAIK, that's the only way you can uptate a Dargon \ T-Rex CAM. You can not use a CAS3 Programer unless you also use the Dummy Card. Upshot is the Loader Card is a hellova lot chaeper the that alternitive. If you think you updated a dud Pretator (or that it didn`t work right), my only advice, would be to try from another Source and try to update your CAM onece more...

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    Re: dragon shows black screen help :(

    also it could be posible that you did not reset your
    receiver cause if you did not the old predator
    sw is stil working.

    and also it is inportnant that you load your predator
    on a FTA channelotherwise you will have a major problem
    in loosing your flash

    pls try this and write back we will try and help.

    good luck,


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    Re: dragon shows black screen help :(

    thank you to all you guys, now it works fine

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