Northern Spanish cable TV operator Euskaltel is to launch its HDTV offering with an initial bouquet of 19 channels.

Euskaltel’s package will include a number of HDTV channels such as MGM HD, Hollywood HD and Hollywood+2 HD (about cinema); Fox HD, Fox+2 HD, AXN HD, Calle 13 HD, Sony HD and Cosmo HD (TV series); Gol TV HD and Eurosport HD (sports); National Geographic HD and Viajar HD (documentaries); MTV Live HD (music); Eguraldia 24 HD (on weather) and TVE HD, Antena 3 HD, Telecinco HD and laSexta HD (these are conventional channels).

As for the STB it will have a 500 GB hard disc for 250 hour recording.

Through this offering the operator will battle with the country's main HDTV operators such as Prisa TV's Digital+, Telefónica's Movistar Imagenio or Ono whose recently announced HDTV service is still not operational.