A full 64% of Americans are watching video in general while at work, according to the survey from Harris Interactive (on behalf Qumu, a business video provider).

Most of that video is short-form: news clips (25%), viral videos/YouTube (15%) and catch-up TV (9%). Men watch more than women: 53% vs. 34%. And whatever the gender, awareness that online video can sap the corporate network of its speed and the corporate workforce of its productivity is low: only 9% are "very aware" of the impact to the Wi-Fi network over wireless devices including tablets, netbooks and phones. And only 17% said viewing video made them unproductive.

Another intriguing finding: the era of the corporate-issued BlackBerry might be on its way out the door. The survey revealed that 61% of online Americans think that companies should support their personal mobile devices for doing work-related tasks, seeing as the line between home- and office-based work is increasingly blurred.