Editor ©RapidTVNews | 15-07-2011

Global telco Orange has entered into an exclusive partnership with Dailymotion to deliver what is claimed to be the only integrated-advertising solution.

Running on the Dailymotion video sharing platform which reaches 114 million unique visitors a month worldwide, the Orange Advertising Network (OAN) will have the exclusivity to monetise and represent Dailymotion’s video advertising inventory across the UK, Spain, Poland and Latin America. Indeed the two companies go as far as to say that teaming up will enable the OAN to offer the only localised, tailor-made digital advertising solution for the online video-sharing market.

Explaining the need for such services, Luc Dumont, VP International Development, Dailymotion said: “Online video content is proven to offer advertisers a powerful platform – providing that the brand’s messages are presented alongside appropriate content relevant to the viewer’s interests.”

Added Tran Thang, Vice President, Orange Advertising: “Advertisers are increasingly looking to incorporate video within their online campaigns but unless brands can specifically target the right content relevant to each market, it’s like dropping a needle into a haystack. We can ensure that our advertisers and brands connect with the right target audience... thereby ensuring a meaningful engagement for brands with their consumers online.”

Dailymotion already boasts a catalogue of content in the targeted territories including ITN in the UK, TV Azteca in Latin America, or TV3 in Spain. By use of Dailymotion’s categorisation between official premium and user-generated video content, Orange will provide bespoke advertising solutions to ensure advertisers’ campaigns reach the right audiences and video content online, specific to their local advertising needs.

Brands will also be able to harness the Motionmakers Dailymotion video making community which can be briefed to create for advertisers bespoke content specifically suited to a campaign. Companion ads can also be leveraged by a brand to integrate video content alongside traditional web advertising formats such as banners and home-page takeovers.