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12.5 W: La7d FTA began broadcasting in HD

published: 07/16/2011, 1:08 TODAY!

The satellite Atlantic Bird 1 (12.5 Wed west) you can watch other programs in high definition (HDTV). The HD is now available La7d Italian commercial station. It is by the second station operators in high-def.

Telecom Italia Media has a satellite Atlantic Bird 1 has two stations in HD in DVB-S multiplex - in addition to the recently launched high-definition station recently, LA7 La7d HD.

La7d is a new station for women that launched 22.3.2010. LA7 channel HD broadcasting the same content as the SD version, different image quality.

La7d Station was placed into the distribution of DVB-S multiplex at position 12.5 W, which serves as a distribution route for digital terrestrial transmitters in Italy.

La7d HD broadcasts with video bit rate is only 4 Mbit / s (!) At 1920x1080 resolution and sound quality at 384 kbit / s. The screen is placed La7d HD HD no index.


* Atlantic Bird 1 (12.5 W), freq 12.515 GHz, pol H SR 17454, FEC 3 / 4, DVB-S/QPSK, FTA