Pascale Paoli-Lebailly RapidTVNews | 17-07-2011

Canal+ and Orange CEOs Bertrand Meheut and Stphane Richard have announced the final draft of their strategic partnership into the Orange TV bouquet Orange cinma sries.

The deal makes Canal+ a minority shareholder of the channels with 33.33% of the shares, while Orange will maintain the other two-thirds. Governance will be shared by both groups proportionally to their stakes.

The final agreement will maintain the existence and names of the five channels, Orange cinemax, Orange cinehappy, Orange cinenovo, Orange cinechoc and Orange cinegeant, and of their interactive services.

To find a better business balance, distribution will be improved with Canal+ proposing the channels to its CanalSat subscribers. In exchange, Orange says it will engage itself to better distribute Canal+ and CanalSat channels into its own network.

Orange cinma sries channels will be also available now to all platforms which would like to get them.