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Thread: diablo cam and programmer

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    diablo cam and programmer

    hello, good evening to all. i consider myself a novice having played around with a technomate with softcams only. there are different versions of this diablo cam. would anyone be willing to give me some pointers as to what to buy. am i correct in saying i need the cam, programmer and a card? is this item of any use? would it be able to make available more than softcams, which is very little presently. i asked the same question on another forum and someone replied that his diablo is just gathering dust and he recommended a protek. however i am a little hesitant using that as it requires an internet connection. can this be safe? many thanks, regards.

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    Re: diablo cam and programmer

    Hi I have a diablo 2 cam which is the latest model even thou getting on abit now, and to program it you will require a cas 3 programmer. Im using it on my technomate 6900hd. There are a few packages open mainly french channels Csat and TNT packages also Austriasat, SRG, ORF Digital. I will one day move on to protek as channels are limited on diablo and nothing exciting has ever happened on it as what we were prommised when it first come out.

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    Re: diablo cam and programmer

    I'm using Diablo Cam Light and Duolab's CAS 2 programmer. Its working fine. After programmed latest Underworld .dup file I need only update latest keys found on this forum.
    I'm currently using Underworld 2.16 version. There is new versions (like 2.18) but no use for me because I'm still running old 2.3 firmware in my DiabloCamLight. :) :)
    The best results You get if You buy a new Diablo 2 WiFi CAM and Duolab's CAS3 programmer.
    With CAS3 programmer You can also play with smart cards.... ;)

    All software You need is in this forum.

    Happy viewing !!!

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