10.15 Europe/London, July 18, 2011 By Chris Dziadul

Spain ended 2010 with 4,563,185 subscribers to pay-TV services, according to the latest data published by the regulator CMT.

This was 7.7% more than a year earlier and equivalent to a penetration figure of 9.7 per 100 households.

The highest pay-TV penetration was seen in Asturia (17.8 per 100 households), followed by Melilla (14.7), while the lowest was in Cáceres (5.9).

However, as might be expected, the largest number of pay-TV subscribers was found in Madrid (682,144), followed by Barcelona (536,166).

Spain also ended 2010 with 8,415,284 xDSL and 2,049,506 cable modem subscribers.

The total fixed broadband penetration figure stood at 22.3 per 100 households.