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Thread: how to watch tv in usa (dish)

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    how to watch tv in usa (dish)

    there are dish network keys known and they are working well. but how the people use this keys ? there are no ci modul reveivers in the usa popular.
    there are 4 ways left:
    -> programm the original card and watch with the dish original receiver
    -> programm a computer smard card and watch with the dish original receiver
    -> change the software of the dish receiver (included an emu in soft)
    -> watch with pc card

    what is the best receiver for dish network ?

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    Re: how to watch tv in usa (dish)

    Actually it is possible to buy receivers such as Dreambox from dealers in the US. Just have to be careful what you buy over there. For example if you bought an Unlooper, DirectTV sued everyone who bought one over there couple of years ago. Had to pay $3000 for them to settle out of court or hire a lawyer. Even if you didn't use it yourself, or bought for other reasons they did not care why you bought it. They just sued you. (All this is from my personal experience when I used to live in the US.)

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    Re: how to watch tv in usa (dish)

    could you please send me some information about those "receivers" as a privat message ?

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